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Indian Attars and Fragrances. Excellent for Personal and Prayer Use

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Non-Alcoholic Spray in 50g Gift Pack

A Set of Very Popular and Traditional Attars are now available in a Spray Pack.

Yes! They are still Free From Alcohol.

These Attars are packed in an Attractive and Elegant box. The Antique Bulb Sprayer adds a Touch of Class to these Superior, Timeless and Wonderful Fragrances.

This ideal Gift Fragrance is Non-Alcoholic, does not contain any animal sourced raw materials and since the Sprayer puts out a fine mist, one can wear these Attars without concerns of Staining ones Clothing.

The Attars available are, Ruh Al Ward (Rose), Sandalwood, and Oud.

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Attar Oud
Attar Ruh Al Ward
Attar Sandalwood