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Indian Attars and Fragrances. Excellent for Personal and Prayer Use

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Abyaz Series 8 ml roll on

Abyaz Series of Non-Alcoholic Indian Attars in Easy to apply Rollon Bottles are ideal for all occasions.

Abyaz Means White. Indian Attars come in varying colours, from Browns, Greens to Brick Red and so on. This makes it very difficult to apply on clothing or garments, as they leave a colored stain. Our Abyaz Series Attars are White or Yellowish white and therefore can be applied without leaving colored stains.

These Attars are made from the best and finest available fragrance raw materials.

They are free of Animal products and are Non-Alcoholic. There are currently six traditional Attars available in attractive Rollon Bottles and Packaging.

White Amber, White Majmua, White Oud, White Rose, White Sandal and White Musk.

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White Amber
White Majmua
White Musk
White Oud
White Rose
White Sandal