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Indian Attars and Fragrances. Excellent for Personal and Prayer Use

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96 Series

High Quality Attars are available in our Attar 96 Series of packing. These include Traditional Indian fragrances such as Attar 96 Majmua, 96 Jannatul Firdaus, 96 Ruh Khus, 96 Hina, 96 Dehnal Oud, 96 Ruh Gulab, 96 Ruh Kewra, 96 Shamama, 96 Musk Amber, 96 Sandalwood and a number of more contemporary fragrances such as 96 Hazzaro, 96 My Choice and many others.

The Attars are available in elegant attractive boxes in various sizes, suitable for gifting and for personal enjoyment.